Stick pins

Originally worn by wealthy, affluent gentlemen.
A stickpin is a pin approximately 2 to 2.5 inches in length with a decorative top used to hold a cravat, stock or neck tie in place, it can also be worn on the lapel.

Beau" Brummell (1778 – 1840) the arbiter of men's fashion

Decorative pins became vogue and soared in popularity due to George Brummel famously known as Beau, he was an English dandy man, companion to the Regency prince & fashion instigator of the early 18th century. George modernised the white stock, or cravat, that was the mark of the Eton boy & added a gold buckle to it. The adaptation of the buckle became a stick pin or tie pin.
Bespoke Stickpins were commissioned and perfectly executed in their design by skilled jewellers, painstakingly made and often embellished with pearls & precious gemstones.  
Stick pins soared in popularity and have continued to be sought-after & highly collectable.
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